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The 10s – Reflecting on the Last Decade

The 2010s, oh what a decade it has been! I saw my daughter off to kindergarten and then her last year before high school. I watched her grow into an incredible young woman full of cheer, insightfulness, compassion, creativity, and love. I studied my ass off and obtained my Master’s in Psychology as a single mom. I experienced great heartache and then found the love of my life. I gained another daughter and now have the family life I always longed for. I found my safe haven, where I am understood and my heart feels at home. I planted roots, moving significantly less than the last few years of the previous decade, finally settling in a community that couldn’t be more perfect for my family. I gave my boyfriend and daughter the pets of their dreams, filling our home and hearts with joy. I changed careers from a military college counselor to a project coordinator in a digital marketing company. I faced some of my biggest fears head-on and fought many battles in secret, rising victorious because of the angels I call family and friends who loved me threw it all. I said goodbye to those who were not meant to continue on my journey with me and met some of the most incredible people I couldn’t imagine life without. I learned to manage my anxiety and not have my anxiety manage me. I said yes to last-minute plans that became once in a lifetime memories, and no to experiences that didn’t sit well with my soul.  I started to renovate our home and saw my design ideas come to life. I witnessed many of my dear friends marry and start families of their own, giving me even more people to love. I went outside of my comfort zone to start my blog and showed my progress to others when it came to my photography “skills.” I traveled from sea to shining sea, visiting loved ones everywhere in between. I chose forgiveness and kindness over pride and fear.  Best of all, I can look back on my first full decade as an adult and say it made me feel more whole and more myself than I ever have before. May each of you reflect on the last decade with gratitude and look forward to the next with hope. Happy New Year! 

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