About Me

Hi there! I’m Rebecca, a millennial mom of the most wonder teenager ever, dog mom to an equally amazing pup, psychology scholar, history buff, whiskey enthusiast, foodie, and lover of naps.

I relocated from San Diego to South Carolina’s horse country and I could not be more excited to explore my new home in the Palmetto State with my sidekick!

I have always been fascinated with new places, whether it’s a new restaurant close to home or afar, a new hike, sunset viewing point, or a new country! I am far from a creature of habit (that’s where my better half comes in to keep me grounded) and, if given the choice, I will always choose an unfamiliar place over somewhere I frequent. Experiencing all that this world has to offer and learning about different cultures is what I live for. If I have to be stuck at home, you’ll find me reading articles on psychology and anthropology, watching PBS, the history channel, and a wide array of documentaries to get my fix. #nerdalert

I caught the travel bug at a young age, in-toe of my always-on-the-go entrepreneurial parents and escaping my sleepy hometown that was 16 miles from nowhere. I became a single mom at a young age and focusing on my daughter and education slowed my jet-setter pace of my adolescence. Instead of driving through the countryside of New Zealand or playing tennis in Normandy, I began growing the foundational roots of my little family, quenching my wanderlust with local exploration and weekend getaways to not-so-far-off places. And I have to say, I love it just as much as ever!

For me, the Neverland Effect is that spark of new experiences that ignites one’s curiosity, provides an escape from the monotony, and an ongoing desire to return to that space and feeling of freedom. It makes you take in every moment, notice the beauty in simplicity, and have admiration of the unique qualities of each place and culture. Once you are touched by the Neverland Effect you will forever see the world and yourself through a different lens, through a lens that seeks a life rich with treasured memories and understanding. Plus, who wants to grow up anyway?! Whether you are destined to be a world traveler or a day tripper, I hope sharing my story helps inspire you to experience the Neverland Effect for yourself. So let’s get out that pixie dust and start an adventure!