Essential Oils for Your Travel Bag

We all have our go-to wellness products we can’t leave home without. Below is a list of my favorite essential oils for my travel bag. If minimalism is your jam, I recommend using 1 ml sample size bottles to save space.


One of my all-time favorite scents! The aroma is known to help promote a sense of calmness and relieves tension to help you relax during the day and sleep well throughout the night. If you are suffering from insomnia due to jet lag, you will be able to unwind with ease by simply adding a drop or two to your wrists or feet or to a nice warm bath before bed. You can also add a few drops mixed with water in a spray bottle to spritz your pillow and sheets and make your room smell like a peaceful spa. Lavender is also excellent for skin irritations and can be used to soothe a sunburn if you have a little too much fun in the sun.

On Guard 

Everyone could use an immunity boost when traveling. On Guard provides just that as a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary known to promote overall health. My favorite On Guard products are the are the beadlets, which you can keep in your purse/backpack and can double as hand sanitizer, and the throat drops. The throat drops are great for kiddos because the flavor is not as intense as the oil. I always use On Guard as a precautionary measure during or after a flight, when I’m feeling exhausted and like my normal defenses are down, and especially if I start to have symptoms like a tickle in my throat. I recommend keeping both the beadlets and a few throat drops in your carry-on and your day back while you are out and about.


Staying hydrated is a must! Most people get bored with drinking plain ol’ water and resort to sodas and other sugary drinks that can actually dehydrate you even more. By adding a drop or two of your favorite citrus oil, such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, or orange, to your water you can add a little flavor to your zero cal beverage and put some pep in your step. (Just be sure you are using a glass container). Each oil has its own benefits. For example, I’ve found that Grapefruit does wonders for a hangover 😉

Deep Blue 

My go-to fix for aches and pains. I prefer the topical cream that is infused with doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend (which is also available as an oil!) of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus essential oils that soothes aching muscles. Think of it as an all-natural Icy Hot. You can use it on your back after sitting on an airplane or in a car for hours on end and massage into your feet after a long day sightseeing. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world! Take note though, a little goes a long way! Start off with a small amount to test it out each time you apply, you can always add more as needed. Also, there are sample packets available that are perfect for when you are on the go.


Better known as Tea Tree oil, this versatile oil can help cleanse, rejuvenate the skin, as well as treat skin irritation. This oil is especially important if you will be spending time in the great outdoors. It can be used on bug bites or scraps and is also great to clear up the occasional blemish. However, please use caution if you are traveling with your family dog and do not allow them to lick the area you applied the oil to because melaleuca is poisonous to pups if ingested.


From new and rich foods to one too many cocktails, upset stomachs can be an unfortunate byproduct of your travel experience. DigestZen is a blend of Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Tarragon, Anise, Caraway, and Peppermint which helps to ease some of the discomfort you may experience so that you don’t have to suffer while you’re on vacay. Prone to motion sickness? DigestZen can help you there too. You can add a few drops to your water, however, I’d advise against it unless you like the taste of black licorice (coriander) mixed with ginger. I’m personally not a fan so I rub a drop (a little goes a long way) on my stomach. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to dilute with some coconut oil first. I also take it in a veggie capsule and doTERRA offers a softgel for daily or as needed use as well.


Speaking of stomach aches, no one likes to have a stinky bathroom while in tight quarters with loved ones. Never fear, Purify will help you clear the air and provide a refreshing chemical-free scent to take care of any unwanted or funky odors. The blend includes lemon, lime, Siberian Fir, Citronella Grass, Melaleuca and Cilantro to give a clean, herbal fragrance to any room. You can put a few drops in the toilet, add to a spray bottle to spritz around the room or even in your shoes to freshen things up a bit. Strange smells of fast food lingering in your car from your road trip? Place a few drops on a cotton ball or paper towel in front of the air vent for a more pleasant aroma.


When in doubt, use Frankincense! It’s known as the king of oils for a reason.  Frankincense has such a wide variety of uses there’s no possible way I could address them all in this post. From skin rejuvenation to cellular health, Frankie’s got you covered.  If you’re like me, I have really sensitive skin and traveling can have a real impact on it. I use this oil (or Melaleuca) to help promote clear skin and combat other unknown skin irritants. Just add a drop or two to your moisturizer to hydrate and revitalize your skin. It also helps with inflammation so you can rub it on your joints or sore muscles. Canker Sore? Apply directly to it. (Fair warning, it’s not the best taste so try to avoid your tongue unless absolutely necessary). Feeling overwhelmed at the airport? Just smelling Frankincense from the bottle can help calm your nerves. You can also apply a drop to your wrists to stay balanced and have a little more Zen amidst the chaos that may be around you. It can also act as a sleep aid! Really and truly, if you only have room for one bottle, this is it!

And there you have it, a few must-have essential oils for your next adventure. Have questions or a favorite oil you’d like to add to the list? Drop me a line in the comments below.

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